Thursday, August 28, 2008

Java on the iPhone? Introducing jaiPhon

We're decided to push the boundaries.

It's plain dumb to have a potential market of 5 million people worldwide wanting to develop for the damn thing, and not have a legal, viable way of doing so if they will, if they've accepted Apple's terms in the iPhone Developer Program.

So, in good ol' fashioned "if it ain't there, build it", we started building it, and we're on our way to finish it. I'm today introducing what will be a complete toolset for Java developers to write Apple-compliant, AppStore-ready applications.

Meet jaiPhon, the "Java on iPhone" development kit.

Our goals while building jaiPhon included:
  • Using the familiar Java programming language
  • Using a familiar IDE like Eclipse or Netbeans
  • Generating 100% valid and compliant iPhone applications
  • Explicitly avoiding software black boxes and developer lock-in
  • Allowing for Xcode Instruments tuneups if needed
We just started walking, and we see a long road ahead of interesting innovations before we can run. A first, functional version, will be made publicly available in late September, begginning October at most. It will be a commercial product, but will be affordable to most pockets.

It will open the amazingly new iPhone world to the Java community.

Just imagine the possibilities developing in Java for the iPhone. Imagine jaiPhon.

An updated site will come up in the next few weeks in Keep in touch!